Things are different here in Colorado. It's life on America's top floor. 75% of the land in America above 10,000 feet is located right here in the Centennial State.

We have the mountains, we have the Air Force, and we have a couple of the mightiest rivers in the nation winding through our state. We also run into some very confused guests from out of town here in Grand Junction.

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Top Myths People From Out of State Believe About Colorado

People tend to think Colorado is under a foot of snow all year. Not true. Several parts are under several feet of snow all year. When people come to Colorado they expect to see Big Foot walking around Pikes Peak. People believe Buffalo Bill's grave is actually haunted, and there are even some who believe everyone in Colorado is just like the cast of South Park.

Colorado Words People Can't Seem to Learn to Say

Out-of-staters are confused by the things we do, AND by the things we say. Where to begin? I love when out-of-staters visit Fruita. Other fun ones include Tabaguache Trail, Olathe, Uncompaghre, Yampa, and Collbran.

15 More Things Out-Of-Staters Think Are Weird About Colorado

What is something that you have noticed out-of-staters think is weird about Colorado that seems perfectly normal to you? We love hearing from you on our station app. Use the submit audio link to send in your answer so we can play it on the air. Tap here for the free download.

15 Normal Colorado Things That Out-of-Staters Find Weird

When people visit the state of Colorado they visit with all kinds of preconceived notions about what life is like at 10,000 feet. Some of them think the entire state sits above 10,000 feet. Here is a list of 15 things that Coloradans do every day that visitors still can't figure out by the time they get back home.

MORE: Facts About Colorado That Out-Of-Staters Find Hard to Believe

Some people visit Colorado and expect to meet countless ski-crazed stoners eating granola, but it's just not the case. Coloradans are here to set the record straight. Scroll on to learn about facts that tend to shock people who visit Colorado for the first time.

MORE: Colorado Words that Out-Of-Staters Find Impossible TO Pronounce

The first time people see a road sign with the name "Fruita" on it, they usually come up with some pretty interesting ways to pronounce the town. What Colorado words or phrases are hard for people from out of state to say correctly?

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