Although 2022 has given us a slight break from a pandemic-riddled past, this year hasn't been all sunshine and roses.

Taking into account the lingering effects of COVID-19, foreign turmoil, and economic difficulties, it might be safe to say that we're all still feeling stressed out.

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However, some states are feeling the stress more than others — and Colorado is one of them.

Colorado is one of the most-stressed states in the U.S.

PlushCare recently analyzed millions of tweets on Twitter to determine how many of them were stress-related — and where they were coming from.

Based on this research, the company found that Colorado is the seventh most stressed state in the country, with just over 40% of Centennial State tweeters showing signs of distress.

Matthew Henry // Unsplash
Matthew Henry // Unsplash

We aren't alone, either. PlushCare found that other western states like Utah, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington are feeling overstretched too.

What is stressing Colorado out?

PlushCare also examined why Centennial State residents are feeling stressed, looking at factors like social media, careers, relationships, money, education, and news.

The company determined that Colorado is the seventh most stressed state regarding careers and the eighth most stressed about relationships.


Our state's biggest worry appears to be the news, where PlushCare ranks us at No. 3 for stress.

Interestingly, Colorado residents seem less concerned about money, social media, and education — or, at least, we tweet about it less.

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