Seeing a show at a Colorado outdoor concert venue is an amazing experience, for both the concert-goers and the performers.

The fresh air adds to the excitement of seeing Colorado concerts sans the boundaries of walls and a ceiling. The energy level definitely increases on stage and in the audience. Colorado has many places to check out a show outdoors, we should be very proud.

How many of Colorado's outdoor venues have you been able to check out? Some of our list of the 12 Greatest Outdoor Concert Venues in Colorado are easier to get to than others; Vail and Aspen for example. On the other hand though, many who live in Aspen and Vail probably wish they could get to The Mishawaka as easy as people who live in Fort Collins can.

Some of these outdoor concert venues have been around for decades, some for just a few years. It's great that Colorado keeps adding more of them; it gives us even more reason to get out there and see a show.  The total seating capacity of the 13 outdoor venues reaches over 136,000.

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Having list nearly my entire life in Colorado, I'm a little disappointed in myself that I've seen shows at only six on this list of 13. There's still time, though. I do have some great stories about seeing concerts at the six I've been to, however; including accidently popping a stranger's beer right out of his hand and up into the air after getting excited and raising my own arms up, a a Matchbox 20 show at Red Rocks.

How many venues have you been able to check out and enjoy?

The 13 Greatest Outdoor Concert Venues in Colorado

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