Lately, the wildlife seems to be out and about with many moose and bear sightings around Fort Collins.

However, this time a small young male bear was nearly 60 pounds and was spotted in Fort Collins near the Social West apartments on City Park Ave.

The bystander, ‎Jennifer Hartmeier-Haggard‎, said that animal control was been "notified and said they’ve been tracking it, hoping he finds his way out of the city". The bear was heading west.

Hartmeier-Haggard said this in the Facebook post:

"They won’t intervene unless he is impeding traffic or cornered and agitated. Hopefully he’ll make it home soon."

Jennifer Hartmeier-Haggard

Colorado Parks and Wildlife remind us to never feed wildlife and to remain 50 feet away at all times. They were about to safely relocate the bear to a "more appropriate bear habitat".

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