It was just a matter of time before the Colorado marijuana industry got its own video game, don't you think? Well, not only is a video game based on the hemp industry of Colorado nearly finished, it looks like it could be quite fun as well.

Colorado's Marijuana Industry Gets a Video Game

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The video game's creator goes by Carter Can't Code on his YouTube channel but judging by the video game he's nearly finished with, he's actually pretty good at coding.

The game is called "Get Off My Land - Hermit Hemp Farmer" and takes players through an admittedly exaggerated day in the life of a high-country marijuana farmer. In fact, not only was the game based in Colorado, but some of the scenery looks all too familiar when you stop and take a good look at it.

"Get Off My Land" is, at its core, a typical first-person shooter like Halo, Doom, or countless other popular video games. The concept is quite simple: grow as much marijuana as you can before you run out of time, and protect your property from the bad guys.

According to the game's creator, "Get Off My Land" is in its "advanced prototype stage," but is currently available to test on either Windows or Mac gaming platforms.

While in order to play the game at this point in time you'd have to reach out to the creator, you can take a walkthrough of a typical round above and experience all the wackiness that comes along with it.

Or, take a quick tour of the game, which just may prove to become a Colorado classic,  below:

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