A Durango family received quite the surprise on Friday (March 12) when a red-tailed hawk flew into their house through a glass window.

While these stories usually don't have a happy ending for the bird, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officer was able to capture the animal and transport it to the Durango Animal Hospital.

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In a Facebook post, CPW revealed that the hawk only sustained minor injuries from the incident. Shortly after, officials safely released it into the wild.

Unfortunately, birds are susceptible to window collisions because there are unable to recognize them as barriers. In order to make your house a safer place for our avian friends, All About Birds recommends the following:

  • Use tempera paint, decals, or soap to make patterns on exterior windows.
    • "Professionalize" patterns with ABCBirdTape or Acopian Bird Savers.
  • Install screens or netting at least three inches away from exterior glass.
  • Place one-way transparent film on the window to reduce reflections from the outside.
  • Install shutters or sun shades to further deter reflections.
  • Leave interior blinds closed halfway.

If you happen upon an injured bird, report it to your nearest CPW office here, or contact the Colorado State Patrol at (303) 329-4500 in the event of an after-hours emergency.

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