This might make you want to move. Or should we say moooove?

A Castle Rock resident received quite the surprise on Wednesday (Dec. 1) morning when he woke up to find a herd of cows hanging out in his yard.

According to FOX31, around 10 of the animals visited the Cobblestone Ranch neighborhood to graze on some freshly mowed lawns.

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"We saw them out there in the field. And then the next time I looked, they were right here in my yard," resident Terry Marshall told the station. "They're welcome any time. I'll feed them romaine lettuce, or carrots, or whatever I've got."

The station reports that while wildlife — including elk, turkeys, bears, and deer — frequently stroll through the area, the residents have never seen cows there before.

Although the reasoning behind the cows' appearance is unclear, resident Kaitlin Rykbos told FOX31 that she saw a farmer trying to track the animals down.

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"The farmer, I guess, who owns them, he was here in his Jeep with a bucket full of food trying to lure them back and they were all running from him and so I thought it was the funniest thing," she said. "I came outside and all I see is an entire, like, there's nine of them, coming up from behind me back here...I was shocked. It made my morning for sure."

Thankfully, the cows didn't cause too much trouble during their visit. However, they did leave behind some stinky "gifts."

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