According to the Annual Highway Report, Colorado's highways, especially in rural areas, didn't score so well *hits pothole.* 

Go ahead, blame the Californians if that's what you want to do (yes, of course California scored worse than we did), but there are a few reasons why Colorado roads got a bad report card, and it's actually not because of traffic congestion.

Colorado Politics shared that Colorado ranks 36 out of 50 in overall cost-effectiveness and condition. This is largely because of rural interstates in Colorado, the report from the Reason Foundation says.

Specifically, the condition of rural highways in Colorado ranked 47 out of 50, though, in the city, we're not doing so hot either; urban congestion ranks 37 and urban fatalities ranks 32.

'Colorado needs to improve its rural Interstate pavement condition,' Baruch Feigenbaum, lead author of the report said. 'Colorado is in the bottom five of all states in rural Interstate pavement condition.' Source: Colorado Politics

You can see the Annual Highway Report here.

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