Has big foot been sighted in the state of Colorado? You bet! In fact, the publication Live Science says more than 10,000 Sasquatch sightings have been recorded across the continental United States.

Here in Colorado, experts have been helping outdoor adventurers search out the mythical creature since 2013 at the Colorado Sasquatch Outpost.

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Where is Colorado's Sasquatch Outpost?

The Colorado Sasquatch Outpost and Sasquatch Museum is located in Park County in Bailey, Colorado. Tap this link to get directions to this location from Google Maps. Bailey is located off US 285 not far from Mount Bailey.

Recent Big Foot Sightings in Colorado

Colorado Sasquatch sightings include the following locations marked by www.arcgis.com.

  • September 1971 - Leadville, Colorado. Campers saw Sasquatch during the daytime near California Gultch.
  • October 1971 - A sighting was reported west of Boulder near Six Mile Canyon. Residents said a Sasquatch was looking at them through the window.
  • June 1984 - Passengers in a vehicle traveling near Canon City saw Sasquatch near Old Dairy Road.
  • October 1987 - Residents saw a Sasquatch near State Highway 9 in Colorado near Cottonwood Ridge.
  • November 1990 - A Sasquatch was alleged to have been observed banging rocks together north of Almont near Flat Top Mountain.
  • April 1998 - 22-inch footprints/tracks were found north of Highway 50 out in the Sulpher Gultch.
  • July 1998 - A Father and Son sighted a Sasquatch in the Wet Mountains southwest of Pueblo, Colorado.
  • November 2003 - Elk hunters spotted a Sasquatch near Fisher Mountain in the San Juans.
  • June 2004 - A Large creature was reported south of Pagosa Springs.
  • November 2008 - Two men spotted a Sasquatch northeast of Salida along the Caffee county line.

Take a Tour of the Sasquatch Museum

Learn more about the mysterious Sasquatch from the experts at Colorado's Sasquatch Outpost and Museum. Take a virtual tour of the outpost below and plan a visit for yourself.

Can You Find Big Foot at Colorado's Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey?

Did you know that Colorado has its own Sasquatch Outpost? Learn everything you ever wanted to know about hunting Big Foot from people who claim to have seen one. Take a virtual tour of the outpost and trailheads near the outpost in Bailey, Colorado.

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