Airbnb is full of unique lodging options, perfect for travelers seeking to stay somewhere beyond the typical hotel room. From treehouses and former churches to luxurious penthouses or vintage airstreams, the rentals in Colorado alone completely range in style and architecture.

For individuals wanting a peaceful getaway to a rustic, farming paradise, Stump Henge Bed & Breakfast is just the place.

Colorado's Stump Henge Bed and Breakfast

Airbnb Rents Out Shipping Containers: Check Out These 4 Awesome Ones in Colorado

If you're like me and the idea of living in a shipping container has you thinking of The Boxcar Children, don't worry — you're not alone. However, shipping containers are actually being converted into adorable tiny homes that are available on Airbnb and make for great vacation getaways. Check out these four awesome shipping containers that we have right here in Colorado.


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