No more impromptu camping trips.

All 41 of Colorado's state parks will require camping reservations in 2020, according to The Denver Channel.

Those who do not make reservations will be cited and/or removed from the park.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced the change, which will take effect on January 1, on Thursday (December 26) morning.

The public will be able to make camping reservations up to six months in advance via CPW's website or by calling (800)-244-5613.

The system is designed to provide campers with more ease, as they will no longer have to race to secure first-come, first serve spots.

The new rule has been coming for quite some time — CPW has been initiating it in several parks since 2018.

CPW recommends making your reservation before arriving at your camping destination, as many parks have limited cell phone service.

Don't forget to make your reservation next year, and you'll be a happy camper (I'm sorry)....(no, I'm not).

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