We're pretty sure he thought nobody would see him, but this driver was busted by Colorado State Patrol for going 136 miles per hour coming from Laramie, Wyoming, on Highway 287... Oops.

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Man Clocked Going 136 By Colorado State Patrol

We've all done it, to an extent at least, right? I'm talking about speeding up i-25 or other local highways. The speed limit is typically 75 on i-25 around Northern Colorado but I've ignored those signs a few times since I moved here in 2005. Unless of course you're a member of our fine local law enforcement and are reading this article, in that case, I'm in the slow lane going 70 like a good boy. Unlike this cat who got popped on 287 coming from Laramie, Wyoming, going 136. That's crazy.

What's the fastest, easiest way to waste about $1000? This Colorado State Patrol Officer is going to help a guy find out after he was pulled over leaving Laramie, Wyoming, headed southbound on Highway 287, going 136 miles per hour. I've hit the gas before on an empty highway late at night just to see what my truck could do but I've not gotten anywhere close to 136 miles per hour. This dude really had the need for speed and now he's got a hot date with a judge that could cost him up to $1000 or more in fines. Also, there's a pretty good chance he sits in jail for at least a little bit for being more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

I've not spoken with this driver personally, but I wonder if he just watched every Fast & Furious movie in the franchise while drinking a case of Redbull. Or maybe he was trying to get to DP Dough before it closed? That place is always open late so next time, stay alive and slow your drive.

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