16-year-old Krithik Ramesh is a junior at Cherry Creek High School, and he just won the top international prize for his science project along with revolutionizing spinal surgery.

He won the top prize, which includes the Gordon E. Moore Award and $75,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his revolutionary science fair project.

Ramesh did an immense amount of research which took roughly nine months. During his research he learned and created something that may change the way surgeons perform surgery.

He theorized a way to use machines through augmented reality to perform surgery which would eliminate fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy allows surgeons the visibility to place screws in the patients' spine through x-rays in real time.

Ramesh's theory suggests that robotic assisted surgery is possible while wearing an augmented reality headset surgeons could direct the placement of pedical screws using data in a hologram and a robotic machine.

This would reduce operation time, recovery time, and negative effects to patients.

He believes that his theory could help further the future of robotic assisted surgery.

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