A family in Colorado is mourning the sudden death of their teenager after she was killed while filming a dance for TikTok.

According to a report from People, Aaliyah Salazar, 14, was fatally shot while participating in a dance video with her friends for TikTok on Sunday, August 7, 2022.

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Some TikTok Challenges Known to Be Dangerous

There have been multiple TikTok challenges that have resulted in death and made headlines. One of the deadliest TikTok challenges that surfaced is the "Blackout Challenge" which instructs followers to choke themselves until they pass out. Multiple people who have attempted this challenge have actually died as a result.

Yet another fatal TikTok sensation was the "Benadryl challenge" which included teens attempting to dose themselves in order to hallucinate. There have been several other dangerous TikTok challenges that can be found here.

TikTok Dances Are Innocent, Right?

Salazar wasn't participating in any of the above challenges and instead is simply reported to have been recording a TikTok dance with two other girls.

Police reportedly obtained footage taken prior to Salazar's death where she can be seen dancing with "someone in the background fiddling with something."

Allegedly one of the girls found a Glock 19 pistol and fatally shot Salazar.

Arrests Made Following Colorado Teen's Death

Three people have since been arrested in connection with Salazar's death. The two girls are minors so they are unnamed but are facing charges of reckless manslaughter and possession of a handgun by juveniles. A  21-year-old male by the name of Emiliano Vargas was also arrested and charged with providing a handgun to a juvenile.

Vargas is said to have not been at the residence at the time of Salazar's death but is the legal owner of the handgun.

The teen who witnessed the shooting said the incident may have happened accidentally but investigators believe that to be unlikely.

Salazar's family is currently raising money on Gofundme in order to cover the costs of a headstone.

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