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Here's a story that will make you laugh! I had to get you the details on this story because I think that thieves are the worst. In most instances, if the thief were to work for a day or two at a normal job they could afford to purchase whatever they had planned on stealing, it doesn't make sense to me why someone would risk their freedom like this. But unfortunately, it happens way too often.

In Bayfield, Colorado a small town in La Plata County some thieves thought they hit it big when they broke into a business to steal what they thought was a huge amount of marijuana, but instead, they got a huge stash of karma and a whole lot of hemp.

The Durango Herald released the information regarding the burglars who were likely disappointed to find out that the $300,000 in hemp they stole wasn't the marijuana they thought it was.

In total,170 hemp plants were taken last Thursday night or early Friday morning. Evergrow Harvest is an industrial hemp company, and hemp has zero of the THC ingredients that marijuana has.

The owner of the business said he saw a trail of plants leaving the exit doors when he arrived to work on Friday morning, and a large number of his hanging plants were gone which makes him believe the thieves thought they got marijuana but in fact, it was all hemp.

It's funny to laugh at, but the business owner is out a lot of money. There is now an $8,000 reward to find those responsible for stealing the plants.

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