Do you love small communities? Could you imagine living in a Colorado town with a year-round population of six? If so, this community in Yuma County is your cup of tea.

If small-town living suits your fancy, set a course for Laird, Colorado, just 2.74 miles west of the Colorado/Nebraska state line. You'll find a number of fascinating things waiting for you in this awesome small town.

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Colorado's Tiniest Town

According to the website Colorado Demographics, the bustling community of Laird, Colorado boasts a population of precisely six people as of the 2021 American Community Survey.

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Are We Sure This Is The Smallest Town In Colorado?

The numbers presented here reflect the most recent data I could find. The website Colorado Demographics lists these communities as the least populated in Colorado as of the year 2021:

  • Matheson 25
  • Valdez 25
  • Guffey 24
  • Weston 23
  • Arapahoe 20
  • Towner 20
  • Sawpit 17
  • Bonanza 12
  • Lakeside 8
  • Conejos 7
  • Laird 6

You'll notice there are a total of 11 towns on this top ten list. The communities of Matheson and Valdez are tied with a population of 25.

A survey from 2017 shared by Out There Colorado listed Bonanza as the smallest town in Colorado with a population of 16. That was almost six years ago. With a population that small, if a family takes an extended vacation, the demographics can be drastically altered.

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Laird, Colorado's Claim To Fame

You've heard the name Laird come up a time or two over the years. It just so happens, Laird has the lowest elevation of any community in Colorado. It rests at 3,402 feet.

Laird Colorado Map
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As a matter of fact, Laird is just down the road from the lowest point in the state of Colorado. Just 7.43 miles from Laird you'll find the lowest point in Colorado, right on the Kansas state line, and not far from the Nebraska border. It can be found at the point where the Arikaree River crosses the Colorado/Kansas border at an elevation of 3,317 feet above sea level.

Laird, Colorado to Colorado's Lowest Point
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What's Behind The Name?

According to Wikipedia, Laird has the name of James Laird, a Nebraska legislator.

How To Get To Laird, Colorado

Laird can be found 176 miles east of Denver. To get there, take I-76 E and US-34 E. Just before reaching Laird, you'll pass through Wray, Colorado, a town with the 163rd largest population in Colorado at 2,308 residents.

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