'Tis the season. Sure, we've had some spring snow, but isn't that the case EVERY year? This is the time for bears to awaken from their winter slumber, stretch their legs and eat, because after sleeping for a few months, they're hungry.

Ranger Tiffany from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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However, there STILL is a chance and it's important to know what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do.

Whether it's a brown bear, a black bear or a grizzly (which are EXTREMELY rare in Colorado), they all have different personalities and your reaction should always be to remain calm (easier said than done, I'm sure). It's also extremely important that you never attempt to run from a bear. They are fast...REALLY fast, as they can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Bears will typically not attack people unless they feel threatened, so the element of surprise with a bear is what you need to be most aware of. Try to make a little noise when you're hiking, and if you come across a bear, remain calm, make your presence known and give the bear plenty of space.

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