Colorado faced a rise in crime in 2021, especially when it came to vehicle thefts.

According to a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Colorado was ranked #1 in the United States for reporting the highest vehicle thefts in 2021.

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Colorado's Elevation Isn't the Only Thing Sky High

There were two Colorado metros listed in the report that were listed in the Top 10 Core-Based Statistical Areas by Theft Rate. 

Coming in at spot number 2 was the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro with a theft rate of 964.92 per 100,000 residents. In 2020, the theft rate was only 705.8, proving that crime truly has risen rapidly.

Unfortunately, Colorado also took the number three spot with Pueblo reporting a theft rate of 891.39. The vehicle theft rate in Pueblo saw a larger increase than in Denver because in 2020 the rate was 602.39.

The only metro that beat Colorado was Bakersfield, California with a vehicle theft rate of 1023.68 in 2021 and 905.41 in 2020. Despite the fact that California is much larger than Colorado, the Centennial state isn't lagging too far behind. Yikes!

The Top 10 States with the Highest Vehicle Theft Rate in 2021

They say misery loves company, and I guess it could be comforting to some to see that Colorado isn't alone when it comes to high vehicle theft rates.

Here's which states saw the highest vehicle theft rates in 2021:

  1.  Colorado 661.21
  2. Washington, D.C. 651
  3. California 511.05
  4. New Mexico 475.5
  5. Oregon 471.16
  6. Washington 461.91 3
  7. Missouri 428.13
  8. Nevada 426.75
  9. Oklahoma 359.33
  10. Texas 320.04

If you want to avoid being a part of the terrible statistic, NCIB recommends that you remember to roll up your windows and lock your doors. You should also park in a well-lit area whenever possible and make sure your auto policy is up-to-date.

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