A Marine who recently moved to Colorado lost many priceless family heirlooms, including his Purple Heart medal, when thieves stole his storage trailer last week.

Kevin Miller and his wife moved from Maryland recently, temporarily storing their belongings in a trailer at a storage facility on Santa Fe Drive in Littleton while looking for a new place to settle. He told FOX 31 that he had priceless family heirlooms stowed in the trailer, including a "gun safe full of hunting rifles that were given to [him] from [his] grandfather" and his Purple Heart medal.

Miller realized something was wrong when he went to the "secure" storage facility and found his trailer was missing. Fox 31 is reporting that when Miller told the storage company it was gone, the employees showed no concern, only saying "This is not our responsibility."

If you recognize this trailer, contact Littleton police immediately at 303-795-3700.

Source: FOX 31

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