An Arvada woman, who also attended CSU, has a really inspiring story to share. Diann Kissell found her adopted daughter. They are being reunited in August. However, this is more than an adoption story.

She wanted to tell people that after suffering a horrific childhood, she healed to become a thriving, productive member of society.

Her family made headlines when she was a child. Her dad murdered her pregnant mom and three of her siblings before stopping and turning himself in. Why? Because he got caught molesting her and thought it would shame the family if he went to jail over this, so death was a better alternative. But he stopped, sparing her and half her siblings. A Turquoise Life was written by her former therapist about her life from trauma to triumph.

In this book she shares her very personal life story in vivid detail, mainly to help others in similar situations understand the signs of abuse, why they are feeling the way they do, and that it's possible to fully heal.

Her life after her parents died lead her down a rocky path of self destruction and self blame. She shares how she gave her first child up for adoption, leaving her abusive husband that raped her. How she found her prince charming and is now very happy with a huge extended family and support network.

Diann is speaking out across the country, at schools, churches, retreats, book clubs, conferences, to raise awareness about the signs of sexual abuse.


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