Heading into Christmas, the Front Range and eastern plains of Colorado are going to see temperatures plunge sharply. Whatever steps you take to keep warm, be prepared to implement them.

Looking outside, here on Monday, it's hard to believe that we are going to be miserable later in the week, with the first day of winter coming on Wednesday. Hopefully there are a lot of Coloradans that have the latter part of the week off, and can just huddle inside with hot cocoa and warm cocktails.


I guess you could say that on the bright side, we'll be warmer than a lot of other places across America. Miles City, Montana, for example is going to see a high of only -18° on ThursdayBelieve me when I say, Montana cold is much more severe than Colorado cold.


I think about my car. The heater in my car hasn't been working correctly, so Thursday is going to be a very, very, cold drive into work. Long johns, gloves and a wool cap will be the minimum clothing requirements for me that day.

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The National Weather Service has already issued a Wind Chill Watch for Northern Colorado starting Wednesday evening through Friday morning. The wind chill could see temperatures plummet to -50°. The cold and wind during that timeframe could cause frostbite to unprotected skin within five minutes. They are advising to avoid any outdoor activities during the watch period. If anything make sure that you have a hat and gloves on.

Denver will see a high of only -1° on Thursday; according to AndysWeather.com the last time Denver saw a high that was below zero was eight years ago, in 2014.On Thursday,

Fort Collins is predicted to see a high of only 1° on Thursday after seeing a low of -12° the night before. Thursday night we'll see a low of -12°, but by Friday it will seem "balmy" with a high of 17°.  Christmas Eve (day) will see a high of 36° and Christmas Day's high will be a beautiful 47°.

Stay warm and stay safe.

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