After being closed to the public for over a year due to mudslides and flooding that ultimately caused extensive damage, the popular trail that leads to Hanging Lake - one of Colorado's most popular travel destinations/summer hangout spots - will officially reopen next month.

According to a May 18 press release from the city of Glenwood Springs, partners who manage Hanging Lake and its visitation announced that the trail to the lake will reopen Saturday, June 25.

“We are thrilled that the temporary trail work is going well and that guests will soon be able to schedule their summer hike reservations, said Lisa Langer, Visit Glenwood Springs Director of Tourism.

"Hanging Lake Trail is a bucket list hike for recreators both domestic and international, and we welcome responsible use of this beloved attraction."

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Will reservations be required to visit/hike Hanging Lake this year?

Simple answer: yes.

Timed reservations were first made a requirement for all prospective Hanging Lake visitors back in 2019 in an effort to combat heavy visitor traffic during the lake's busy season.

As per the press release via the city of Glenwood Springs, visitors will have access to Hanging Lake's reservation system to start scheduling their summer hikes at the popular destination beginning Monday, May 23.

Hanging Lake trail reservations can be made and purchased through; reservation fees will cost $12 per person. There will be 615 reservations available per day.

In addition, Visit Glenwood said there will no shuttle this year. As a result, hikers will have to drive themselves and park in the Hanging Lake rest area.

Planning on making the trip to Hanging Lake this summer? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you embark on your hike to the lake, as per the city of Glenwood Springs: 

  • Hanging Lake trail climbs up a steep canyon to reach the lake. The trail continuously climbs 1200 ft. (366 m) to get to the lake.
  • Walking off the trail and short-cutting switchbacks are not permitted.
  • There is no restroom at the lake. Use facilities at the trailhead before hiking.
  • Always wear sturdy footwear, not flip-flops.
  • Pack it in and pack it out. Respect the area by taking your trash with you.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Be advised that there is no cell service on the trail.
  • Standing on the log, swimming, and fishing in the lake is prohibited!
  • In accordance with FAA safety and Forest Service guidelines, drones should not be flown in the Hanging Lake area.
  • Dogs and/or other pets are NOT allowed on the Hanging Lake trail or at the Hanging Lake Welcome Center. 

“Hanging Lake is a community treasure, and we are so grateful that area residents and guests will be able to access it this summer so soon after last year’s debris flows", Glenwood Springs Mayor Jonathan Godes said, as per the city's recent press release.

"We heard from across the state how important Hanging Lake is to Colorado. We look forward to welcoming back visitors who can’t wait to hike up the temporary trail to see this awe-inspiring natural landmark."

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