There is a creepy story that tells of a lost town in Colorado. It's not a ghost town, at least, not in the normal terms that we think of ghost towns. This is a town that is actually lost and buried...under water.

About 13 miles south of Breckenridge lies the old mining town of Montgomery, which, according to Only In Your State, was quite the booming mining town and housed gold miners and their families. The city was founded in 1861 and just two years later, gold was discovered, drawing visitors and residents alike.

At one time, this little mining hotspot housed up to 1,000 people. It even had a saloon and a hotel. But when the mines dried out, the little town soon followed and by the 1890's, it was pretty much deserted (outside of some bears, elk and other wildlife).

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Several years later, the city of Colorado Springs came in and scooped up the land where Montgomery once sat and decided to flood it, calling it what we know now as Montgomery Reservoir.

There are a few skeletal remains of the city above the lake, but most of it is submerged. If you've ever visited and seen the natural beauty of Montgomery Reservoir and its surroundings, you may not have known the creepy facts of what lurks below. Now you do.

So, if you're into spooky old stories like me, you're ready to pack up the kayak and head out to the middle of the reservoir to just take in the scenery or, better yet, dive down to discover what lurks beneath the waves.


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