Colorado is adding a new three-digit area code to the Denver Metro area to join 303 and 720 next month, and it actually spells out something quite humorous.

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Denver Getting A New Area Code In June 2022

If you're from the Denver area or just north of there, you likely remember when we were a seven-digit phone number area. Then back in 1998, we went from all Denver numbers starting with the 303 area code, to new Denver numbers starting with a 720 area code.

The addition of area code options in the metro area, and people needing to dial ten numbers instead of seven, was quite the debacle. I was only about 13 so I didn't quite understand the fuss but the grown-ups in my life were livid. Quite hilarious thinking back on it now.

Well, here we are just over twenty years later, and we're adding another new area code to the metro area. Get ready for more heads to explode.

People in the Denver Metro area love to refer to it as the "303" which sounds way cooler than the "720." What about the 983? Beginning next month, June of 2022, large companies like Verizon Wireless are going to start implementing the new 983 area code on new lines or number changes. It was predicted back in  2020 by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, that the 303 and 720 area codes would become "exhausted" by 2023 and it looks like they were pretty close to their guess.

I know what you're thinking... How the heck am I gonna remember another new area code? Three letters will solve all of your problems. W T and F. Yup, if you get a 983 number, you've officially got a WTF area code as that's what the numbers 983 spell out on your phones.

Maybe that makes this transition or new addition easier to handle? I've had my 303 number since I was 16 but maybe it's time for a WTF change. Are you down for the new WTF movement?

By the way, my pal Dave explains in this article that Northern Colorado's 970 area code could be "exhausted" by 2028 so we may be getting another area code up here before this current decade is up. Won't likely be as cool at WTF but maybe they'll surprise us.

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