Temperatures are supposed to get into the negative numbers overnight this week. That makes for a chilly ride the next day if you don't park in a heated garage.


This winter is not a crime to leave your car running unattended IF you have a remote-start system.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into a law an end to the full ban on "puffing," or leaving your car running while it's unattended.

It's not unusual when the mornings start getting cold for people to go, start their car, and continue with their routine. But, drivers can be ticketed for doing so because it makes cars vulnerable to theft.

What about cars with remote starts? Drivers will be allowed, without fear of a ticket or have their car driven away, to start their cars so long as the keyless start fob is far enough away from the car that the vehicle cannot be moved. The change to the law took effect in August, but we haven't needed it until now.