Maybe you can help us figure out where this came from.

Thanksgiving is just about here. Seriously. It's that season in which if you blink, the year will be over with.

Nobody blink, ok?

My goal is to enjoy this time of year rather than stress about presents to buy or the fact that they year is coming to an end. I love a good New Year's resolutions, but I also panic a bit when the year winds down. It's like I don't want to holiday season to end, so rather than just being present, I sabotage the season by stressing about it ending.

This year will be different though.

Up first, is Thanksgiving. In my family we have plenty of traditional dishes that are guaranteed to be on the table. Some are family recipes and others are standard Turkey Day fare. Mmmm, I can already taste that fried turkey.

According to this survey, there are some dishes that are pretty likely to end up on our plate because of the region we live in.

Most of these are pretty traditional however, I will say there is one that doesn't make since to me. I've never had this at a Thanksgiving get together and probably never will in the future. It's not even a debate. I'm sure you'll recognize it when you see it.

Here is what Thanksgivng looks like in the Mountain Region:

What's On the Mountain Region's Thanksgiving Plate

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