Mia Asano is an incredible musician from Denver, Colorado. Mia continues to see an ever-increasing fan base because people just love to watch someone crush it. Perhaps you've heard the sounds of the 'Violin of the Future' across multiple platforms on social media?

On Facebook as Mia Asano, I absolutely recommend you give Mia a like and a follow on her platforms. The videos posted there are fun, inventive, and always uniquely Mia as we will see below. She has played with Lindsey Stirling, American Idol's Devan Blake Jones, and Jack Russel's Great White.

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Listen to Mia Play the Violin of the Future

Keep An Eye Out For This Rising Colorado Star

Mia's page on TikTok is full of neat covers and duets. She plays in clips with talented musicians from all over featuring just about every kind of music you can think of. Mia plays classical, rock, bluegrass, superhero theme songs, and all kinds of covers. Mia wins our trophy for on-fire costumes in her videos as well.

We had tons of fun watching her. Keep an eye out for the Colorado bands Nordic Daughter, and LaRissa Vienna & the Strange and you'll find her on stage.

What Song Would You Ask Mia to Play Next?

Can you think of a song you would like to hear Mia transform with the Violin from the future? Hit us up on the app and maybe we can get her to make a video for the Western Slope for her page.

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