JCPenney closed the Fort Collins and Greeley locations of the chain in mid-late 2020. Could the now empty Fort Collins store be transformed into a sports hub?

A new community-based multi-purpose establishment, FieldHouse USA just opened up in Aurora, taking over a spot that used to be a Sears. When you take a look at their locations, it does seem like FieldHouse USA loves to use former department stores, just like JCPenney on College, south of Horsetooth.

I'd never heard of FieldHouse USA, but then I'm not a parent of a young player, where I might have heard the name come up while at other sports facilities in our area.

FieldHouse USA touts that you can play, watch and cheer all within their state-of-the-art facilities. They offer year-round league play for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more, including futsal (I have no idea was futsal is,) and a wide variety of programs from birthday parties to personal fitness programs.

Their philosophy is simple:

. build a family atmosphere, hire great people, give them the tools to be successful and let them do great things.

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You might think that with them opening a facility in Aurora that they wouldn't be interested in a Fort Collins location, but they do have three in Texas, and they are looking to open up more and more locations, so there's definitely the possibility of one coming to the Choice City.

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