One of the biggest perks of shopping at King Soopers in Colorado is the fuel points. I save an average of anywhere between 3-30 cents per gallon month to month. Over time those savings on gas can really add up!

Pumping Gas
Michael Smith, Getty Images

But, could those fuel points be going away? Denver7 announced in an article today that Kroger convenience stores for King Soopers, City Market and Loaf n' Jug will be sold off. Kroger is expected to sell off the 762 locations that cover 18 states to a British convenience store operator named EG Group.

So what will the sale of the convenience stores mean for our fuel points and savings at the pump? I guess we will have to wait and see since there is currently no information about the possible loss of using fuel points after the sale is completed at this time.


Source: Denver7

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