Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) are investigating a reported possible wolf sighting in Larimer County.

In a press release, Colorado Parks and Wildlife say the increase in outdoor recreation is giving them a better idea what Colorado wildlife are where. In this case, the animal was reported in the Laramie River Valley. The person who saw the animal reported that it had a wildlife tracking collar. CPW thinks it could be from a pack that is motored in Wyoming or Montana. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is working to confirm the sighting.

Colorado Park and Wildlife Director Dan Prenzlow said this:

While not all reports end up being verified as wolves, we make every effort to investigate credible sightings through on-the-ground investigations, biological sampling and deploying a variety of survey techniques.


The press release also shows information about other wolf sightings in the state. The first known pack of wolves in Colorado since the 1930s is currently being monitored by CPW in Moffat County. Also, two separate groups of campers in Grand County reported a "large wolf-like animal" near their campus on June 6 and 7. However, CPW has yet to confirm if the animal was a wolf, coyote, wolf hybrid or Teen Wolf.

Colorado Park and Wildlife remind residents that wolves in Colorado are an endangered species. Killing or purposely injuring one of these animals is a federal crime with fines up to $100,000 and a year in prison.

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