In 2022, the concert and festival season attendance rebounded to pre-pandemic levels as fans paid big money to see their favorite music stars. Concertgoers have also witnessed some of the craziest moments at various hip-hop shows. And in the age of social media, many of those wild incidents were captured on video.

Kevin Gates, arguably had the craziest moments onstage in 2022. There's never a dull moment when the Baton Rouge, La. rapper is rocking the microphone. On several occasions, Gates went viral for his sexually-explicit performances at his shows. In one video, a fan captured a security guard's reaction, while the Khaza artist is vividly detailing how he would pleasure a woman in the bedroom. Watching the security guard squirm as Gates imitates coitus is a crazy moment that you have to see to believe.

Occasionally, at a rap show, an overzealous fan jumps onstage at their own peril. For example, while Lil Baby was performing at the 2022 Openair Frauenfeld festival, a young man hopped on the platform and tried to interact with the Atlanta rapper. Instantly, a security guard pushed the fan off the stage so hard that he went airborne into a metal fence protecting the crowd. The brutal force of how that fan landed on that barricade is something that he surely won't forget.

Another crazy moment happened at the 2022 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. Kid Cudi became the headliner, replacing Kanye West, who abruptly dropped out of the event at the last minute. But things didn't go as planned when the Cleveland rapper hit the stage. Apparently, Cudi was getting pelted with objects thrown by unruly fans. At one point, he warned the crowd that he would leave if another thing was thrown onstage. Seconds later, another object was hurtled toward the stage, and Cudi dropped his microphone and dipped.

Overall, this list features some of the craziest moments at hip-hop shows that fans will never forget or stop talking about. Check them out below.

  • Lil Durk Shoves Fan for Allegedly Disrespecting King Von

    Lil Durk had to confront a fan who was allegedly disrespecting the late King Von while he was performing at a show in the Netherlands. In the viral video, Durkio is turning up to King Von's 2019 banger "Crazy Story" when he abruptly tells the DJ to cut the sound.

    The Chicago rhymer then gestures to a person in the crowd and tells him to come to the front of the stage. Lil Durk and the young man have a brief, but heated conversation. Afterwards, Durk shoves the man. Not only that, a security guard grabs the man's neck and pushes him away. Watch the video below.

  • Playboi Carti Saves Kid From Security

    Playboi Carti's shows can get very chaotic with overzealous fans hopping onstage with the Georgia rapper, which can be problematic. During one show, security guards started manhandling one person who appeared to have jumped onstage while the rhymer was performing. Thankfully, Playboi rushed to the fan's aid and forcefully pulled security off of him. The Whole Lotta Red creator then walked over to another fan who was onstage and gave him a big hug. In the end, Playboi Carti wants his fans to turn up at his shows and not get beat down.

  • Fan Tries to Snatch Nicki Minaj's Wig

    A sticky-fingered fan tried to grab Nicki Minaj's wig during her performance at the 2022 Rolling Loud New York Festival. During the Queens, N.Y. rapper's a cappella rendition of "Moment 4 Life," someone in the audience raised their hand and almost snatched her hair weave that was flowing in the wind.

    In the video below, the person appeared to have missed by mere seconds of grabbing Nicki's wig. Strangely, after Nicki's concert, several people tried to sell some of the rap superstar's alleged hair strands from the RL show for thousands of dollars. No word if there were any buyers.

  • Cardi B Appears to Be Hitting a Fan With Microphone

    Cardi B doesn't mind interacting with her fans while she's onstage, but she also doesn't tolerate disrespect. Apparently, while performing at the 2022 Wireless Festival in London, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper allegedly used her microphone as a billy club to hit a fan.

    In a viral video, Bardi appears to be tussling with someone in the crowd and swings the microphone up and down before throwing it at the offender. Despite online reports suggesting she was fighting with a fan at her show, Cardi B hopped on Twitter to deny there was an altercation at her show.

  • Moneybagg Yo Continues Performing While Brawl Breaks Out

    Moneybagg Yo believes in the show business adage, "The show must go on." While performing "Wockesha" at the Fall of Fire Fest event in Columbia, S.C., a vicious brawl erupted in the front row between several women. The Memphis rapper appeared to be unaware of the fight in the crowd and kept on performing. It is unclear what sparked the melee. Nevertheless, XXL does not support or condone violence in any form. More peace, love, unity and having fun is needed at hip-hop shows.

  • Lil Pump Brings Up Wheelchair Athlete Onstage

    Fans can always expect a good time at a Lil Pump show. While performing at Festival Metro Metro in Montreal, Canada, the "Gucci Gang" rapper invited a fan who uses a wheelchair up onstage. But what the audience didn't expect was the wheelchair athlete, named Woody Belfort, doing backflips and bench-pressing himself in his chair while Pump performed his 2017 anthem "D. Rose." It was amazing and the crowd loved it. Watch it below.

  • Kid Cudi Abruptly Ends Show After Getting Hit With Debris at Rolling Loud 2022

    Kid Cudi was tapped to headline the 2022 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami after Kanye West abruptly backed out of the event. But things didn't go as planned for the Cleveland rapper once he hit the stage. Apparently, some festival goers didn't like that Cudi was replacing Ye at Rolling Loud and decided to throw debris at the "Day 'N' Night" rapper while he was performing.

    After getting pelted in the face with an apparent bottle, Cudi warned that he will leave if another thing is thrown onstage. Seconds later, another object was hurtled towards him, to which Cudi responded by dropping his microphone and exiting the stage.

  • Kanye West Makes Surprise Appearance Wearing Blackface at Rolling Loud 2022

    Kanye West made a surprise appearance at the 2022 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami after backing out of the event. Following Kid Cudi's stage departure, Ye joined fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk and performed "Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1," which contains Cudi's vocals.

    But what's even more shocking was Kanye appeared onstage in what looked like black paint all over his face and hands along with huge sunglasses. It's unclear if Ye and Cudi bump into each other at the festival, but it was certainly the strangest performance at the RL festival.

  • Kevin Gates Aggressively Mimicking Sex Acts Onstage

    You'll never know what to expect at a Kevin Gates show. In 2022, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper was going viral for his sexually-explicit performances at his concerts. In one viral clip, a fan captures a security guard's reaction to Gates vividly detailing his sexual prowess to the audience while onstage.

    With every pornographic description of what he'll do sexually to a woman in the bedroom, the security guard is in shock at what he is hearing. At one point, he shakes his head as he listens to Gates imitate coitus. Watch the video below.

  • Goonew's Dead Body Standing Upright at His Funeral Dubbed "The Last Show"

    This is arguably the craziest hip-hop performance moment of 2022. Earlier this year, Goonew was shot and killed in District Heights, Md. But the late rapper didn't have a regular funeral. A week after his death, Goonew's deceased body was propped upright onstage at a farewell event dubbed "The Last Show."

    In a viral video, people are seen dancing and listening to Goonew's music while the DMV rapper's corpse is on full display. Despite the social media backlash, Goonew’s mother, Patrice Morrow, confirmed to that she approved of the event. "I’m pleased with how I sent my son away," she said. "I wish people would just let me grieve in peace."

  • Post Malone Falls Through Hole in the Stage

    Post Malone's Twelve Carat Toothache Tour was a phenomenal success. However, the rapper-singer suffered some bumps and bruises along the way. During his St. Louis stop on the trek, Posty is walking across the stage when he mistakenly steps into a hole and falls down.

    Both his upper body and head hit part of the stage on impact. In a fan-captured video, the "Sunflower" artist is visibly in pain as security rushes in and provides assistance. Although Post reportedly was severely injured, he still finished his show. What a trooper.

  • Lil Baby's Security Throws Fan Off Stage Like a Rag Doll

    Lil Baby's security doesn't play around when fans try to infiltrate the stage while he's performing. While rocking the mic at the 2002 Openair Frauenfeld festival, an overzealous fan jumped onstage and tried to interact with the Atlanta rapper mid-performance. That's when a security guard pushed the fan off the stage so hard that he went airborne into a metal barricade protecting the crowd. Another person assisted the man back up to his feet. It's unclear if he was injured during his massive fall.

  • Afroman Falls Off the Stage, Recovers and Finishes His Song

    Afroman may not have been high, but he might have been tipsy when he took a major spill during one of his shows. According to TMZ, near the end of his one-hour set, the 48-year-old rapper was performing his 2000 hit "Because I Got High" while holding a drink in hand. While walking across the stage, he suddenly fell into the pit near the crowd. Luckily, Afroman didn't injure himself as stage crews rushed to his aid and helped him back on his feet. He reportedly smiled and resumed his performance.

  • A Security Guard Cries While Kendrick Lamar Performs "Love"

    This may not be the craziest moment at a live show, but it's certainly caught the attention of fans on social media. While Kendrick Lamar was performing "Love" during his The Big Steppers Tour stop in Houston, a security guard, who was standing underneath the stage, was captured on video crying and getting very emotional.

    In the viral clip, the young man, identified as Devyn Sanford, appeared to be wiping tears from his eyes and singing the line, "I'm like an exit away." K-Dot caught wind of the video and gave Sanford a shout-out when asked about it. "At the end of the day, that's how you want everybody to receive your music," he said in an interview.

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