A 20-year veteran in the dental hygienist field, Amy Carpenter has developed the very first non-stick gum.

“I have so much gum it would crack you up. I have a pallet sitting in my front room," Carpenter told CSU in a statement.

Currently residing in Denver, she has been working alongside DDS William Paini, and the two have come up with the idea for OrthoGum.

Carpenter was inspired to bring the idea into reality during her MBA coursework at CSU, when she began to build the OrthoGum company. In early 2020, OrthoGum debuted their product, 'active,' just a few months before their founder graduated from the MBA program.

Carpenter told CSU in a statement, “It keeps your aligners cleaner, [reduces the risk of cavities], and there’s a lot of research out there that says if you can chew gum while your teeth are moving, that they move faster and more effectively."

She went on to comment on how dentists aren't taught any business skills, yet they run a small business. A lot of her assignments at CSU were to help that business, mentioning that the MBA program really gives you a lot of flexibility to work on the business model you are passionate about.

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