You probably knew that Colorado State University (CSU) was rich in history, but did you know that the CSU harvest and meat science program has archives dating back to the early 1900’s?

We can start around the mid 1950’s mark to get a feel for how the program is today.

In 1959, a new building hosted the program in a tiny room where they did fabrication (the breaking down of the meats to steaks, ribs, etc.). The program also used to include dairy, however, in 1964 the dairy portion of the program ended and the courses hyper-focused to the full study meats.


Since CSU is a R1 federal grant research institute, only 8% of tax dollars go to the school.

So, programs like the Animal Science Department Undergraduate program has to fund most of their program with money they earn because they have to purchase all of the products to teach the undergraduate courses.

That’s where CSU’s Ram Country Meats comes into play.

Ram Country Meats says: “We are an educational facility that prides itself in providing high quality meats at competitive prices.”

All the money earned at Ram Country Meats goes back into the Meat Processing Facility.

It’s student-run and operated, with research and education as the main focus for those students.

Students can get an undergraduate meat science certificate, a masters and PH.D with CSU’s program. The program includes education of food safety, meat quality, and processing operations.

From farm to fork, CSU’s Ram Country meats has you covered.

The grand opening of CSU’s Ram Country Meats remodeled meat shop is happening April 9th.

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