When it comes to buying meat, you might think to get your selection at your local grocery store. Did you know there is another option? It's not where you might think.

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Colorado State University does in fact have its very own butcher shop where you can purchase meat products from. The butcher shop, Ram Country Meats, is located on campus at Colorado State University at 350 West Pitkin Street in Fort Collins. A wide selection of meat, including beef, lamb, pork, and chicken can be purchased by the public at the student ran and operated butcher shop.

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Ram Country Meats also offers sausages, beef and bacon patties, and bratwurst. The college butcher shop even offers BBQ sauce, honey, seasonings, and apparel.

Colorado State's Ram Country Meats

Ram Country Meats prides itself on providing high-quality meats at competitive prices. Here are just a few prices of the many items that Ram Country Meats offers:

Orders at Ram Country Meat can be placed online at any time. However, some orders can take up to one week to be fulfilled. Online orders can be picked up when ready during sales hours.

Sales hours at Ram Country Meats for online and in-person shopping are Thursday and Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Check out all the meats that Colorado State University's butcher shop has to offer at Ram Country Meats.

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