If you know anything about Colorado State University and the Plaza in the center of campus, you know that it is home to a consistent message of free speech. Unfortunately, it's also home to an overbearing presence of yelled insults in the name of truth.

I took a few philosophy classes in college, and the topic of what constitutes free speech and what should be protected under the first amendment is in constant question. However, it seems that the line is being blurred between free speech and vaguely disguising hate speech as "personal opinion".

Since I was a student at CSU, well before I attended, and after I graduated, the stump preachers were a constant presence. I usually walked to classes with my headphones in, yet their yelling through megaphones always seemed to seep past my music. I've stopped out of curiosity but left when things got heated.

The fact of the matter is this: yelling at and attacking people is never an effective way to get any message across. All it does is send people into defense mode, and rightfully so.

Because of this, it seems enough was finally enough. On Friday, Sept. 17, CSU students and staff peacefully protested at the university against the harassment they've been experiencing in the Plaza.

According to a story about the protest ran by the university's source website, protestors listed 11 demands for the university. It wasn't meant to be an empty protest without any demands or ideas for change, they came with a plan.

When you are in college, your focus is your education. Yes, there are several clubs, sports, and events for students to enjoy. But when you are walking between classes, when you arrive on campus, you're there to pursue higher education and earn the degree you've been working so hard towards.

Again, in any instance, just because you are toting what you believe does not mean it needs to be yelled at or forced upon anyone else. It creates the exact opposite of a safe space, which is exactly what college is supposed to be.

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