We all love animals and we all love stories about how animals that are sick can be helped that's why this is such a cool deal.

The Petco Foundation, a national non profit is stepping up in a big way along with Blue Buffalo to help pet owners with the cost of cancer treatments for their dogs with an $825,000 investment toward helping them treat and cure the pups.

Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center is one of 11 universities to be awarded $75,000 this fall for the continuation of the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Fund, according to a press release.

The National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research said that about 6 million dogs and about the same number of kitties are impacted by cancer each year.

They can't necessarily stop cancer from forming but they can and are helping with treatment and pet parents in paying for treatment for their fur babies.

For more info on this and to donate, check out petcofoundation.org.

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