UPDATE: Colorado State University has put out a statement regarding this and many other stories circulating about the "CSU Language Inclusion Guide." The school says the document in question is outdated and was only a preliminary draft. CSU System Chancellor Tony Frank said the final version of the guide does not include the words "American" or "America."

From CSU System Chancellor Tony Frank:

"The facts are that an informal group of CSU staff people who work with students created an internal guide on inclusive language because other staff members asked for it – it was designed as a free resource for people who were asking for help to avoid saying something unintentionally that might needlessly offend someone with whom they were working."

See the full statement from Colorado State University HERE


Campus Reform is reporting that A group of staff people at Colorado State University think the words "American" and "America" should not be used on campus to help people from around the world feel more comfortable and included. Not only that, they recently published an article entitled "10 ways to make your social media channels more inclusive."

Jenny & Marci made a lab coat for CAM when the CSU Vet Teaching Hospital dedicated a new building

2018 CSU Language Inclusion Guide Preliminary Draft:

“(It) erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.”

The staff people at CSU recommend the terms "Person from the U.S." or "U.S. Citizen."

CSU is taking the politically correct stand on other words as well. The words (and terms)  men, women, ladies, gentlemen, straight, normal person, handicapped parking, and policeman are discouraged from being used on campus. See the full list HERE

Source: Colorado State University Inclusive Language Guide

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