Or, ever. I'll admit, I did the Undie Run when I was a CSU student years ago. It was a fun, 'harmless' pre-finals event, and it seemed like it was for a good cause (we were told our clothes were donated, however this has been refuted).

The university has not condoned the event in year's past, and this year, university staff members are taking to social media, urging students to not participate on Friday, May 10.

Is there really any harm in college kids adults just having a little fun, showing the same amount of skin our swimsuits do? At first I thought CSU had its panties in a wad... but below are the concerns the school has.

According to CBS4 Denver, CSU's dean of students says that participants (largely female) in the past have been photographed without their knowledge by people who've kept the pictures for 'personal use.'

The Public Safety Team at CSU shared in a message that 'since the run began several years ago, the university has spent more than $150,000 in student tuition and fee money to cover the costs of property damage caused by participants and to pay for security.'

Many participants in the Undie Run, they say, aren't even CSU students. With the issue of lack of clothing aside, it sounds like the event, which is not university sanctioned, has gotten out of control and become too costly for CSU. Something to consider.

Next year, CBS4 reports, the school will try to plan a safe, sanctioned spring event.

You can read the CSU Public Safety Team's message in full via Facebook here.

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