To know him is to love him.

Colorado State football fans know it well — and now, football fans around the country are beginning to see why.

Trey McBride, former CSU football star tight end and most recent recipient of the John Mackey Award — an award given annually to the best collegiate tight end in the country — is just days away from one of the biggest days (if not, the biggest day of his football career and his life), Draft Day.


The 2022 NFL Draft begins this Thursday, Aprril 28; over the last few months leading up to the draft, McBride has received recognition and praise from fans, scouts, coaches, and sports analysts alike in regards to his undeniable talent and potential to make some serious waves with the big dogs in the NFL.

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There's no denying that McBride's talent and potential alone make him a strong contender during this year's draft, but what else makes the star tight end from Fort Morgan, Colorado, stand out among his draft class? His family. 

@Trey McBride/Instagram
@Trey McBride/Instagram

If (or should I say, when) Trey McBride is selected during the 2022 NFL Draft, he'll officially become the first NFL player with same-sex parents.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Kate McBride along with her longtime partner, Jen, expressed their feelings about their son chasing his childhood dream and turning it into a reality.

“I’m excited to see him just live his dream,” Kate told TODAY. “When your kid comes to you when they’re little and they say they want to be president, you’re like, ‘OK, honey, that’s great.’ He wanted to play in the NFL, and he’s going to do it.”

Kate and Jen started their family in the 1990s and say the climate of acceptance was different then, TODAY reports. 

“They actually considered me a single mom,” Kate said. “And I do remember telling my parents that I’m pregnant, and they said, ‘Why would you want to have a baby as a single woman?’ And I said, ‘I’m not a single woman. I’m in a relationship.’”

McBride and his siblings might've not been raised in a "traditional" household, but traditional isn't the only way — and the McBrides are proof of that.

For Trey, his parents established a backbone for his own growth.

“They’ve done a great job of pushing me to be the best version of myself and just constantly giving support and love,” the former Colorado State star told TODAY. 

While he realizes he'll be making history with his formal introduction into the NFL (again, when it happens) the specifics behind McBride's family dynamic aren't something he feels needs to be harped on — it's just a part of who he is.

“Really, it’s just normal to me. It’s something that I’ve been with my whole life. It’s not anything that I know differently,” he said.

You can watch the McBride family's full interview with TODAY below:


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