Usually I hear Coloradans giving those "damn California transplants" a hard time with their horrible driving but this time a really horrible driver - and a very unsafe one - was busted going 136 MPH on a Colorado highway. And he was from Wyoming.

Look, I know we have bad drivers, horrible drivers, here in Colorado too, but this is absolutely uncalled for. We're just thankful that this reckless driving didn't cause any injuries or deaths because this could've turned ugly real quick.

After the incident, CSP officials released this state from Colonel Matthew Packard about speeding and safety...

While driving under the influence and distracted driving are looked down upon socially, speeding isn’t always looked at as negatively. Yet, hundreds of families are devastated by loss every year due to speeding drivers. Speed limits are not suggestions; they’re designed to keep everyone as safe as possible as we all travel to our destinations.

Let's be safe out there!

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