I don't think I can get on board with this idea, frankly. As someone who's lived in both Boulder and Fort Collins over the course of my lifetime, I refuse to believe that people in Boulder are smarter than people in Fort Collins. Couldn't it be a tie?

To be fair, we're talking about the percentage of Boulder County population versus the percentage of Larimer County population with college degrees, which I'd argue does not a smart person make. I think college degrees are certainly an accomplishment, but maybe - just maybe - you hate math and science, and upon arrival at college realized you didn't want another four years of two subjects you loathed and opted out to start a fine career in radio instead. No? Just me? Moving along.

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At any rate, the fine folks at Stacker have compiled a list of counties with the most college graduates in the state of Colorado.

Boulder County tops the list for the entire state, with a full 63% of its residents age 25 or older having graduated with a college degree.

Larimer County comes in at #14, with just 47.7% of residents 25+ possessing a degree.

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Some would say that makes people from Boulder smarter than people from Fort Collins or Loveland, but I'm going to disagree with that. A friend once told me I'm the smartest person he knew that just didn't apply himself to school. And know what? I'm ok with that.

Below is how the rest of the Top 20 counties rank. And if you want the full list, you can check out the full data on Stacker.

Rank, counties and their percentage of 25+ residents with a Bachelor's degree or higher:

20. Lake County - 40.3%
19. Arapahoe County - 43.4%
18. Hinsdale County - 43.7%
17. La Plata County - 44.0%
16. Gilpin County - 44.3%
15. Jefferson County - 46.4%
14. Larimer County - 47.7%
13. Ouray County - 49.1%
12. Routt County - 49.3%
11. Denver County - 50.3%
10. Eagle County - 50.5%
9. Clear Creek County - 50.9%
8. Summit County - 53.6%
7. Mineral County - 54.1%
6. Broomfield County - 56.1%
5. San Miguel County - 56.6%
4. Gunnison County - 57.5%
3. Douglas County - 58.6%
2. Pitkin County - 61.2%
1. Boulder County - 63.0%

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