Details of The Dirt, Motley Crue’s upcoming biopic, continue to be unveiled in the days leading up to the its March 22 Netflix release. The latest tidbit: ‘David Lee Roth’ makes an appearance in the film.

It isn’t David Lee Roth himself in the movie, but rather actor Christian Gehring portraying ‘80s-era Roth.

Machine Gun Kelly mentioned Roth’s appearance during a conversation with Rolling Stone. The rapper-turned-actor was desperate for any role in the movie and initially inquired about playing the Van Halen singer. Kelly would later be was cast in a much larger role: drummer Tommy Lee.

Instead, Gehring will fill Roth’s shoes. The actor has been steadily working in TV for the past seven years. He's a regular on the ABC series Schooled, and has had guest appearances on Modern Family, The Brink and NCIS: Los Angeles, among other credits.

While the circumstances surrounding the Roth film character are unknown, a cursory glance at the source material seems to give fans a hint of what to expect. In The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, the memoir on which the movie is based, Vince Neil reminisced about one of Motley Crue’s many house parties.

“One night, David Lee Roth came over and was sitting on the floor with a big pile of blow, keeping it all to himself as usual, when the door fell off the hinges and cracked the back of his head,” the singer recalled. “Dave halted his monologue for a half-second, and then continued. He didn’t seem to be aware that anything out of the ordinary had happened -- and he didn’t lose a single flake of his drugs.”



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