This weekend Daylight Savings Time is returning beginning at 2:00 AM on Sunday,  March 10.

Giving us that glorious extra hour of sleep that always ends up sending you into panic mode because the amount of sleep you were getting was suspicious.

Then we can’t forget to change our clocks, ALL of the clocks, because if you don't that also creates panic mode.

There’s nothing in the world like forgetting to change a clock, swearing that you had another hour, and then scrambling to get out the door because you’re “late”.

Now, recently I’ve heard A LOT of talk about no longer having Daylight Saving Time and Fall Back, and in my opinion I would MUCH rather end the whole ‘falling back’ and ‘springing forward’ AFTER we have sprung forward! (‘Cause that extra hour of sleep, ya know?)

And I just found this out. There was a time in 1964 when Colorado did NOT partake in those time change activities.

But apparently we are doing the whole forward clock, back clock thing.

So, until something changes I guess we’ll just have to take this extra hour and enjoy it until that dreadful day in November, and don’t forget to move your clocks an hour ahead.

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