I spent a couple of years as a teenager and my early twenties in the midwest. One of the big home improvement stores was Menards. I never really appreciated this store, or any home improvement store for that matter until I was a responsible adult.

On any given day of the week, you may find me in one of Northern Colorado's home improvement or lumber stores. It's where I obtain the materials and tools for my DIY projects.

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However, there is one in particular that I have grown quite fond of. The only issue is that I have to make the trek to Cheyenne, Wyoming to visit this store known as Menards. If you have never had the opportunity to step foot into a Menards, you are missing out.

You'd assume by the sheer size of a Menards store they would be based in Texas because Texas does everything big. Menards is headquartered out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and they know how to do it big. Really Big.

I went up to the Cheyenne Menards because they had a sheet of plywood in stock for a project I am working on and only intended to be in and out... Three hours later after wandering around the store, we were finally on our way home. I sincerely wish there was a Menards in the state of Colorado. Why? Because this place has it all. When I say Menards has it all, I really mean that.

Not only does this home improvement megastore have home improvement supplies, it also carries a wide range of other items like groceries, pet supplies, and toys. Let me take you on a little tour of the closest Menards to Colorado located in Cheyenne.

We Need a Menards in Colorado

Take a look at these photos of the closest Menards to Northern Colorado.

If this article happens to get to someone at the Menards headquarters, this last part is for you.

Dear Menards,

I love your store, I just wish it was closer to us in Northern Colorado. Your selection of pretty much everything is awesome and we could really use you in our area. Please consider coming to Northern Colorado in the future.

Matt Sparx

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