Colorado Parks and Wildlife is investigating a scary situation in which a deer attacked a 77-year-old woman inside of her home.

According to CPW, the Woodland Park resident was in the process of carrying groceries in from her car on Tuesday (Feb. 2), when unbeknownst to her, a mature doe made its way into the home through a door that was propped open.

Completely surprised, the woman found herself face to face with the large deer in her kitchen. The doe was reportedly acting extremely comfortable in the woman's house, and even started to eat some of the food in her kitchen.

The woman attempted to get the deer to go back outside. When that didn't work, she threw objects at the deer's hooves to try to scare it out, but it still wouldn't retreat. When the woman momentarily turned around, the doe reared up on its hind legs and began thrashing the victim's back with its hooves.

Despite suffering multiple cuts, scratches, and bruises, the woman was able to stay on her feet during the attack. She was finally able to shove the deer out the door, however, as she was removing the prop that had been holding the door open, the deer ran back into the home.


The woman used a nearby mop to push the deer back outside again, this time closing the door behind it.

When a CPW officer arrived at the residence, the deer was already gone. According to the victim, the deer would likely return the following morning, because she said her neighbors had been feeding it.

The officer returned Wednesday morning and located the doe in the victim's yard. The deer approached the officer, showing that it had become habituated to humans.

Because it was being illegally fed, the deer had lost its natural fear of people. Due to the aggressive attack, CPW humanely euthanized the deer. Its body was sent to a lab for a necropsy.

Feeding deer is a violation of Colorado state law and the incident remains under investigation.

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