In 2018, 31-year-old Demarcus Brown-Jones was investigated for a fight in Aurora that resulted in multiple people with gunshot wounds, including a police officer and an eight-year-old boy, according to CBS Denver.

Now, in 2021, Brown-Jones has been sentenced to 80-years in prison for the crime following his official conviction in May of 2021. The Casper Star Tribune reported following the trial that Brown-Jones' convictions consisted of second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter, two of 22 total charges.

According to the Denver Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, the two men who died in the altercation were 19-year-old Wayne Carter and 25-year-old Anthoni Readus. In the dispute, Brown-Jones' eight-year-old stepson was injured, as well as the responding officer.

The initial call to Aurora Police came in to report a verbal domestic incident and child abuse. Officers heard gunshots, found three victims lying on the ground in the area, and they proceeded to exchange shots with Brown-Jones.

After the altercation with police officers, Brown-Jones was treated and in police custody at a nearby hospital.

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