Former Styx maestro Dennis DeYoung is 65 years old, but he shows no sign of slowing down. The singer-songwriter and keyboardist currently performs a solo show billed as the Music of Styx, and in a new interview he says playing live keeps him young.

“I never thought I would feel this good at 65,” DeYoung tells Boston Music Spotlight prior to a recent gig in Boston. “Heck, I feel guilty getting my senior discounts. The other day I found out my hotel room cost 20% less because I have senior status. I had to tell them not to feel sorry for me; I am not dying anytime soon, this is going to cost you.”

DeYoung has not performed with Styx since 1999′s ill-fated ‘Brave New World’ album, but he currently tours and plays the music he helped make famous in a greatest hits show that also features guitarist and singer August Zadra singing Tommy Shaw songs like ‘Renegade,’ ‘Blue Collar Man’ and ‘Too Much Time on My Hands.’ The iconic singer and writer of such songs as ‘Lady,’ ‘Come Sail Away’ and ‘The Best of Times’ says his focus is on playing live, adding that any new album would have to fit into his existing schedule.

“Never say never, but at this time I am concentrating on performing all the greatest hits of Styx with my new band,” DeYoung states. “We do not shy away from any of the top songs that people want to hear when they listen to Styx music. You have to go back to the reunion Styx tour in 1997 to hear all these songs performed in one concert by a member of Styx.”

The silver-haired rocker stopped coloring his hair a dozen years ago, becoming one of the vanguard of classic rockers like Jimmy Page and Brian May who publicly embrace their true age. But as much as he celebrates moving forward, DeYoung cautions that growing older is not always easy. “Yeah, if anyone tries to tell you 60 is the new 40… don’t believe them,” DeYoung quips.

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