Have you ever bought something expensive and then had it break down, or fall apart?

Fox News is reporting that the $14.5 million Panasonic sign that welcomes travelers to Denver International Airport is broken and has been shut off until Panasonic can fix it. The idea behind the sign is simple, welcome people to the airport in a fun, memorable way and use the video screen to run ads that will eventually pay for it.


Panasonic received $11.5 from Denver International to build the sign and another $3 million to maintain it over 12 years. The airport grossed only $21,000 on its investment in 2018. FOX 31 reported.


That leaves many asking if the investment is worth the trouble. The Denver City Counsel has stepped in and hired an advertising firm to find clients to advertise on the board. According to Fox 31 the airport and the ad agency will split the gross profits. The airport will receive 67 percent of the revenue with the rest going to the ad firm.

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