Football is arguably one of the most exciting sports, with strong and talented, professional athletes aggressively giving it all they've got during each match-up. Unfortunately, the intensity in which the game is played can often lead to injuries, and no fan likes to see a player go down on the field.

Last season, players' various injuries cost the NFL a whopping $433,908,307. When a player misses games due to being hurt, the team is still contractually obligated to pay them. An injury can sometimes keep an athlete out for an entire season, which is wasted wages for a team, given that the player can't do the job they were hired to do.

In the 2021-2022 NFL season, the Denver Broncos spent a total of $18,381,068 on injured players. As a result, Denver was named the 7th "most fragile" team in the league last year.

An example is Broncos' right guard, Graham Glasgow, who suffered a season-ending injury last November, which caused him to have to sit out the remaining eight games. Regardless, he still earned a massive $4,447,059 in wages while recovering from his ankle injury.

Other Broncos that experienced significant injuries last season were Bradley Chubb, Bryce Callahan, and Alexander Johnson. These also chipped into the team's expenses.

To determine their rankings of most fragile teams, analyzed injury reports from ProFootballReference for each team, as well as base salary information for every injured player from Spotrac. Players’ base annual salaries were then divided by the number of games in a season, before being multiplied by the number of games they missed, to reveal how much they cost their teams.

Based on the results, the New York Jets took the biggest financial hit due to injured players last season. The Buffalo Bills reportedly spent the least on player injuries in the 21-22 NFL season.

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