'Smack' goes the package as it hits left of the front door of where it was to be 'delivered.' In my head, I can hear the mailperson saying 'nice.'

I have played more than my 'fair share' of frisbee golf (Disc Golf) over the years, and I honestly believe this mailperson is a player. The release is spot on for a mid-range shot. Honestly, he should have approached it as a putt.

The man has not a care in the world. Fling the package, then on to the next stop.

It seems like he was thinking:

Ya, just a few more of these stupid deliveries, then I'll meet Boomer and Kennedy over at the Johnny Roberts Memorial course for 18, and then a few pints at Denver Beer Company...

Looking at the 'shot' it's hard to say what he could have been shooting for, except to make a landing out of the rain. Perhaps he was wanting to save his knees for the round of disc golf.

I'm not climing up there, could slip in the rain. Gotta beat Boomer today. Here you go, Dude!


I should not kid, as this mailperson ruined the gift that was inside the 'easy to toss' package, a Mickey Mouse wreath. It seems appropriate, as the mailperson was 'Mickey Mousing around' when it came to doing his job.

FOX31 was able to get the doorbell video from the customer who definitely has a case with USPS.

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